Charles Kelley “The Driver”

Charles Kelley is most famous for being a part of the super group, Lady Antebellum, and with the announcement of his upcoming solo project, rumor mills starting turning out stories about Lady A calling it quits.  Now that his debut solo single, “The Driver” is hitting radio, that kind of stuff just continued to simmer.

Not to worry, Kelly confirmed that there are no plans to seperate the trio.  He says,

Lady Antebellum is not breaking up,” he furthers. “I don’t think we ever will break up.

His Debut, “The Driver” is a slow song, and I think this one has a great shot of making it big.  Only time will tell if Charles Kelley will succeed, but with a debut like “The Driver”, I see no reason he can’t be a star with Landy Antebellum and on his own.

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